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RUA Voting Clarification

08/18/2021 1:33 PM | Sheila Honey (Administrator)

Hi Folks,

Yesterday I sent you an email about the RUA Agreement on which HOA 2 is currently voting. At the time I wrote that, the effect on clubs within SaddleBrooke proper was unclear. However, since that time, Mark Echardt an HOA 2 resident asked that specific question to HOA 2 Board member Joyce Howard, and here is her response:

From: Joyce Howard <>

Date: Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 8:07 AM

Subject: Re: question on RUA

To: mark eckardt <>


 Our CC&Rs do not allow use of our amenities by nonmembers, the exceptions being those open to the paying public and those covered under an RUA.  If there is no RUA, those amenities that we have open to the paying public  (restaurants, golf courses and theater) will remain available to HOA1 homeowners.  All other amenities, meeting rooms, arts and crafts rooms, fitness centers and pools will not be available to HOA1 homeowners.

We obtained a legal review of the roads issue.  All roads would continue to be available to all with no payments by one HOA to the other HOA for use of the roads.

 I could not find the town hall recording on the website either.  I am looking into it.



While our club holds its meetings in the HOA 1 Coyote room, we do use some HOA 2 facilities such as the monitors in the Bistro, and rooms for our SIG (Photoshop/LR and Wildlife) meetings and our breakfast meetings. So, our continued use of those could be in jeopardy. Moreover, if “cooler heads” don’t prevail, it is not unreasonable to see similar punitive actions by HOA 1 relative to the use of their facilities.

Obviously, this important information should have been made public to HOA 2 residents prior to putting the matter up to a vote by the membership. Unfortunately, that was not done, and you should consider it before voting. If you’ve already voted, and this information would have changed your decision as to how you voted, I would strongly encourage you to contact the HOA 2 Board.


John Triebe

President, Photographers of SaddleBrooke

Photographers of SaddleBrooke

SaddleBrooke, AZ