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Formerly known as DIGS

Finding your inner artist—An approach to creative photo editing without spending a penny on software by Terry Heggy

  • 04/08/2023
  • 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Zoom Presentation



One way to think about photography is to look at the creative elements of the three basic steps in creating a photo:

  • Seeing something interesting
  • Capturing the image
  • Processing the image until it makes you happy

The expense and complexity of high-end photo-editing software can discourage its use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

This presentation focuses on using the surprising capabilities of free software to unleash your artistic side. We’ll ignore the accepted wisdom for how to process images and explore some easy ways to experiment with freeware programs (PC) and GIMP (all
platforms) to make bland photos more interesting in just a few minutes.

You might just discover your personal style along the way!
It will be a Zoom Presentation.


Terry Heggy became fascinated with cameras when watching his dad take 8mm home movies at Christmas and on vacations. He teamed up with swim team buddies in high school and college to make a few terrible Super 8
movies, then majored in Radio/TV/Film in college.

Though a creative career wasn’t in the stars, Terry continued to take occasional snapshots in his spare time, but didn’t pursue photography with any seriousness until moving to SaddleBrooke in 2020 and discovering this
club. The joy of carrying a camera and looking at the world with a new perspective has initiated a journey to discover new ways of self-expression through photography and videography.

With gleeful acceptance of the likelihood that nobody else will feel the same affection he does for his photos, Terry defines his art as “anything I made that makes me smile.”

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